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How to monitor Mac OS X using Mac Monitoring Software

Mac monitoring software can record overall activities performed by the users on your Apple Macintosh OS X installed machine. Software easily captures screen shots at regular interval time and records all activities performed by the users on Mac machine. So that you can easily find out what is going on your Mac machine when you are away. Open Applications and click on Mac log manager to launch the software. After successfully launching the application, DRPU Mac Log Manager main window appears.

How to Monitor Mac Log Manager

Press “View Current Log” Button to view log files and screenshots or delete the entire recorded logs and screenshots.

Click on the “Open Log Folder “to view entire recorded activities performed by the users. Click on the click “Clear Log” button to clear all user activities records.

Screen Capture Settings:

The following screenshot is displayed:

How to Monitor Mac Log Manager-Screen capture

Capture active windows picture periodically: Select the option and set the time interval duration to take the screenshots (by default 1 minute is set).

Capture Skype video calls: Select the Capture Skype video calls option and set the time interval duration to take the screenshots of skype video calls (By default 30 seconds time duration is set to capture the screenshots).

Email Settings:

How to Monitor Mac Log Manager-E-mail

E-mail Settings: It includes following options:

Send the logs by email: Select the Send the logs by email option and set the time interval duration to send html log recorded data by e-mail.

Recipient E-mail: Specify your email address here on which you want to receive activity logs automatically sent by PC Data Manager.

Subject: Specify the subject of email sent by MAC Log Manager containing activity Logs as attachment.

Sender E-mail: Specify the email address here that you want MAC Log Manager to use for sending the activity logs as attachment.

Password: Specify the password of your Sender email address here.

SMTP Server: Specify the SMTP server (outgoing server) address here. SMTP server (outgoing server) address is required for sending emails of activity logs.

Port: Specify the SMTP port address of your email server here. For example SMTP Port for Gmail should be 587. Software provides facility to send test email by using 'Send Test Mail' button so that you can get the confirmation that e-mail settings are working properly. Click on Apply button to apply the General , Screen capture and E-mail settings. You should have sufficient admin privileges to apply following settings. Press Start Monitoring button to start monitoring for active user.