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Q: Is there any difference between key logger and advance key logger?

Ans: Yes, keylogger software records all the keyboard typed activities performed on your computer system where as Advance keylogger with improved features and functionality not only records the keystrokes but also captures screenshots, clipboards and entire System/Internet activities at regular interval of time.

Q: What kind of computer activity can key logger software monitor?

Ans: Advance keylogger records keystrokes, make series of screenshots, clipboards, system activities, keep track of visited Web sites and launched programs, make record of sent emails, keep track of the files that are opened and viewed, records all key pressed by the user and more.

Q: I have created multiple accounts on Outlook Express and forget one of my account’s passwords. Is there any software that can recover my lost password?

Ans: Yes, you can easily recover all your lost, forgotten saved passwords using our Outlook and Outlook Express password retrieval utility. Just drag the given lens with the help of mouse over the password field and our software will recover your passwords instantly.

Q: I have lost my email account password created on Internet Explorer. How can I recover it?

Ans: Pro Data Doctor Internet Explorer password recovery and unmask utility easily recover your lost passwords including multilingual, long, complex, asterisk passwords of all types of accounts like Email accounts, FTP accounts, Newsgroup accounts, Magazine Subscription, Online shopping, Web forms, File passwords, Directory passwords, Document passwords instantly and accurately.

Q: I have accidentally deleted all of my phone numbers from mobile phone’s Sim card. Is there any way to recover my precious data?

Ans: Yes, you can easily and quickly get back your valuable contact numbers and other data using our Sim card Data recovery software.