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Data Wiper is a disk wiping utility that lets you securely erases (deleted) files, disk drives and unused disk space so your data can never be accessed or recovered. All your private sensitive erased information will be wiped permanently from free unused disk space on your drives using fast or secure disk erase algorithms to ensure complete data destruction.

To keep your computer privacy, use Disk eraser tool every time you delete files containing your confidential and sensitive data, otherwise this data can be easily recovered. Pro Data Doctor data wiper provides users the facility to switch from Non-Destructive wiping to Destructive wiping mode.

Non-destructive disk erasure tool wipes and removes all deleted files and folders, traces of deleted internet activities, such as History folders, Cookies, typed URL, cache internet files and eliminate passwords, recently deleted documents list etc. Destructive wiping erases or wipes entire logical drive partition or selected disk area sector range regardless of data saved in that sector range. Very easy to use and does not require any technical skills to operate the data wiping utility.

Data Wiper

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Software Features
  • Safely wipes or cleans the sensitive deleted files and folders, entire logical hard disk drive, unused disk space etc.
  • Facilitates user by providing disk wiping in Destructive wiping and Non-destructive wiping mode.
  • Delete private records of your internet explorer such as temporary files, typed URL, history, cookies and frees the disk space for better system performance.
  • The records can be viewed before wiping internet files and other data on the computer.
  • Provides option to deliver log file details at set time interval to user specified email address.
  • The software maintains and increases computer privacy and thus improves system performance.
  • Provide clean drive for OS reinstallation by permanently wiping entire disk drive.
  • Support all type of removable media drives including pen drive, memory card and other USB supported drives for permanent disk wiping.